Monday, October 24, 2011

The Witching Hour

(A Giveaway)

The guilt bug always bites when I buy something unnecessary for our home  -"a doodad" (as we southerners say) - because the money could go toward preparedness. So I've remedied this by limiting all most new home purchases to functional doodads only. That is, the item must not only be something I love, it must be useful, or it must be functional in an emergency situation.

Here is my latest purchase based on this criteria:

A $5.00 cinnamon-scented broom from Family Dollar adorned with raffia from the crafting stash. I love the earthy feel and fall scent and buy one every year for holiday decorating. Ahhh, but, does it pass the functionality test? Of course! It can be used to sweep the hearth, the floor, the front porch (the cobwebs off the mantel). And during my witching hour I can sit atop it and fly! And, yes, it would be most functional during a power outage.

Take a look around your home. Which of your own recently purchased doodads would be functional during an emergency?  Let me know by leaving a comment and you could win your own cinnamon broom. I'm giving one away (because I confess that I actually bought two). I'll choose one lucky winner on Halloween!!

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  1. That is too adorable! Can't believe its from Family Dollar!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting..


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